One of our first proper Spring-time forays: on the vast hillside panorama fresh bright green suddenly appears among all the dark green of the conifers, and the flora is going wild with colour. We checked out Buggio, which is at the end of a very short road (3 km) into a valley which is framed by an enormous, craggy and quite intimidating alpine mountain range. The village is the usual mix of very old, very charming but completely lacking in any facilites (a bar!!, a shop/kiosk!!) but the setting is pure picture postcard, only nicer. A path leads upwards to some small caves – the setting is extremely romantic and idyllic as the entire mountain is covered in dense forest, so that the waterfalls coming out of the caves don’t just drop into the void but amble along through the trees.

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1 Response to Buggio

  1. Tessa says:

    WOW! is what comes to mind seeing this and the last few “visitor” posts. Stunning.

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